Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Welcome to Candid Girl Chat


Candid Girl Chat is a fun, yet serious forum for women who are navigating the curves of life (we've earned every curve and wrinkle we have!). Life has thrown us both some mighty fast curve balls. But, we're still here to tell you about it.

Our topics will range from: current events to business dilemmas, technology, parenting, social issues, getting older, politics and much more.

If we're willing to talk about it, we hope you are too. No topic is off limits.

With our postings, we'll provide our thoughts and those of experts in their respective fields. We want your thoughts too (by clicking on the "comments" area). We're opinionated. We're strong. You may not agree with everything we say. But, we're honest.

Welcome to Candid Girl Chat. We'll learn a lot and so will you.

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