Friday, June 22, 2007

All the Hillary Hoopla

Sheri says:
All of my girlfriends seem to strongly dislike Hillary. I can’t quite get there. I may not agree with her politics and I may disagree with her wardrobe choices, but there’s a charisma that I admire. She has lived under the microscope and survived. Her husband was impeached. “He did not have sex with that woman!” Yet, she raised a pretty impressive daughter, held her head up through the turmoil and became a senator. She could’ve just taken the book advance money and asked the Secret Service men to bring her a cup of tea.

I admire Laura Bush. Maybe it’s that “stand by your man” mentality but she always comes off composed and real.

I admire Condi Rice. (I like to refer to her as “Condi,” as though we’re personal friends.) I wish she would run for president.

I’m irritated that we only have one woman seated on the Supreme Court. I miss Sandra Day O’Connor (because we’re friends too). I liked knowing that we had two of them battling it out. Their politics were different but at least we had two women representing us.

Hilary just might be our next president. Some people believe that she was our pseudo-president for 8 years.

Her new campaign video was recently released. ( It’s a campy parody of the Sopranos’ finale. I thought it was clever and funny. It probably won’t win her any votes but it sure won’t hurt her. I like women who have a sense of humor.

Abby says:

I am not yet a fan of Hillary. I think what swayed me was the evening shortly after September 11th when President Bush was giving his speech to our country. When he finished, everyone heartily applauded – except for Hillary. She mockingly clapped and appeared to be disinterested.

At a time when our country was in severe crisis, it did not matter what party the president belonged to. He was comforting us in a time of tragedy. We needed to feel united and protected. What she did was rude. It made me angry. I was embarrassed by her and for her.

She is a bright (and sometimes humorous) woman; I won’t deny that.

Relative to her campaign strategy? Hey, I own a marketing and advertising company. I try to come up with new ideas for my clients. Tell your campaign creatives to think of their own ideas, Hillary.


Shimmy said...

The furiously flesh-elemental Laura Bush liked his blue shammy shirt, and he loved what she loved, and she drove her car over his ruby red day-lilly chest under the blood black moon on a clear night and she killed that guy who was her boyfriend.

Sandy said...

What did shimmy say?

I'm with you on the take on Hillary!

Anonymous said... See the picture. What man would ever vote for that?