Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Husbands For Sale

Abby says:

My life is not without male companionship, by any means. I am single and I am happy.

Why is it that so many people ask me, “Do you have a husband?” “Where is your boyfriend?” “Who are you dating?”

My response is often, “Where do you get the right one?”

I’m a shopper. I’ve never seen husbands for sale at Nordstom’s. They have a great return policy so I wish they would add this service to their list. If he doesn’t fit – return him – no questions asked. Kind of like renting a tuxedo … it either works or it doesn’t.

While the women’s movement has come a long way, many people believe that a woman needs a man to be recognized/validated. God forbid that you are over 35 years of age without a significant (or insignificant) other by your side. The labels come out. You’re a spinster. You’re a loser. You must be gay. (I have many gay friends and I adore them. To paraphrase a line from Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” I mean no disrespect.)

My biggest hang-up with remarriage is being a business owner and protecting my assets. (Yes, that is selfish.) It’s hard for me to look someone in the eyes and say, “I might want to marry you but let’s do a pre-nup in case it doesn’t work out.” That seems like setting a situation for failure.

Just my opinion. It might change tomorrow.

Sheri says:

Pre-nups are smart. The Donald and Ted Turner had no problem having these conversations. You’re successful. Think Oprah. There’s a reason she hasn’t married Stedman.

I don’t have a pre-nup. Guess my big ol’ lug is stuck with me.

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