Monday, July 30, 2007

Barbie Dolls

Sheri says:
I was a part of the Barbie doll generation. I had several Barbies, Ken, Midge and Skipper. I think I might have even had a G.I. Joe that someone passed along to me.

Playing Barbie is a great example of economics -- the puzzle of the haves and have nots. I had a lot of accessories but certainly not all of the ones I coveted. I made do.

My body has never looked like Barbie. My breasts don't jut out from my collarbone and my legs do not make up 3/4 of my body. I do own some cute clothes and a mind-boggling array of shoes.
As I got older, I used to have Barbie and Ken go on a date -- and do some other stuff. Then she met G.I. Joe.

Abby says:
Ok I think I must be weird and/or abnormal. I did have a couple of Barbie's and they were kept in this very cool pink carry case with her clothing and plastic shoes. The pink case was much cooler than Barbie herself.

I never got it, though. When all my friends were playing with dolls, I was trying to figure out how to "own the doll shop" and be a little entrepreneur. Must have something to do with why I never had the urge to procreate. I missed that gene!

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