Friday, July 27, 2007

Sheri's Gym

Abby says:
We’ve not told you about Sheri’s Gym. Sheri and I started this many years ago. In addition to my marketing company, I also own a side biz doing personal training and Spinning classes. I’ve been teaching fitness classes since I was 15 years old and never got it out of my blood. It’s my outlet from work and stress.

Sheri’s Gym started with 4 women who wanted to get into shape. We met 3 mornings a week at the wee hour of 6:30 am for workout “torture”. I trained them in Sheri’s sun porch using dumb bell weights and calisthenics routines. We were so into it that Sheri’s husband (aka Big Daddy) and her dad built us a “real gym” in Sheri’s basement. It’s darn cool. Mirrors. Ballet bars.

Now, we have a stepper, weight bench, free weights, bands, videos and more for a complete torture regimen by Abby. We watch the Today Show while they workout. We’ve grown to 5 members. It’s chaos. They complain. But, they are in shape.

We even designed a logo and made tank tops and sweat shirts. Whenever I wear my attire, people stop me and say “That’s a cool logo. Where is Sheri’s Gym? I have never heard of it.” I just laugh to myself and tell them it’s a very private and exclusive club.

Next year will be the 9-year anniversary of Sheri’s Gym. The “members” have become some of my very best friends.

Sheri says:
6:30 is bliss. When I worked at Banc One Corporation, I rose and worked out at 5:30. Of course, I was a lot younger then.

I’ve got to give Abby a lot of credit. These are cranky people at this hour of the morning. A lot of the time, she’s saying, “What are you doing? Please pay attention.” Or, someone starts telling a story and we’re all so enthralled that workout comes to a complete halt. Sometimes, everyone arrives and one of us will say, “Let’s just have coffee today.” Abby does not let us get away with that.

Once a week or so, she threatens to quit on us. We’re not buying it. She would have to relinquish all of her “Sheri’s Gym” attire.

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