Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ten+ Things To Do Before the End of Summer

We love summer. It never lasts long enough. That’s probably why we feel compelled to visit warmer climates during the winter. Here are our 10+ things:

Sheri’s Top 5:
Jump off a diving board.
We all did this as children. Go ahead. Get your hair wet. Last year, I attempted a back flip and failed miserably. I did it time and time again until I got it right. I was bruised and miserable but I did manage one good one. I have not done this yet this summer.

Go on a picnic (or at least eat outside.)
I am not a big fan of bugs and flying insects. Yet, I love to eat outside. When there’s a mound of snow on my patio, I love to remember the meals we shared during the summer.

Read a “beach” book.
There’s a time and place for all kinds of reading material. Summer is the time to enjoy a light-hearted romp – the trashier the better.

Visit a farm stand.
Load up. Suck the juice from the in-season fruit. Gnaw on a fresh tomato. Make fruit salad and fresh salsa. Have melon or berries for dessert every night.

Take long walks.
This is more fun with a dog. They are fascinated. “Look at this blade of grass!” I like to memorize everything so I can think of the flowers and greenery when the trees are bare.

Abby’s Top 5:
Even though I am still working as much as I do in the winter, I try to take time out to enjoy the extended daylight.

Read something substantial.
Get in bed early and read a book that will stimulate your thinking. I’m reading the biography of Albert Einstein. It’s heavy stuff but a great history lesson!

Enjoy the flowers.
Plant colorful flowers in an outdoor pot or window box. You’ll feel accomplished and have something beautiful to look at. My favorites are zinnias.

Take it outside.
Change your exercise routine to include an outdoor activity. Walking your dog counts too! My friend Cynthia from Sheri’s Gym started riding her bike.

Vary your cooking.
Cook a healthy new dish you’ve never tried. I made my friend Pam’s recipe for Chinese chicken salad and have been enjoying it all summer.

Reconnect with someone
Call an old friend you’ve lost touch with. Make a good connection with your past. (this is still on my list.)

Sheri says:
I will add:
Catch some fireflies. Put them in a jar just like we all used to do
Grill a lot
Dance on your patio, under the stars
Stand outside during a summer shower
Get a pedicure or give yourself one
Buy a new pair of sandals or flip flops – Flaunt those toes
Wear a bikini

We want to know your list.

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