Monday, July 16, 2007

There Is Some Hope

Abby says:
Well, I think there is hope. Regarding our post “It’s Still a Man’s World” and the restaurant etiquette, I am feeling more positive.

I took some friends to dinner last week for a birthday celebration. There were 3 of us: 1 male and 2 females. We had great food, a great time and a great server. The best part was when he brought the check. Rather than automatically handing it to our guy friend he said, “How would all of you like me to handle the check?”

I was ecstatic! I told him how much I appreciated the fact that he “got it” and about my server snafus of the past where the check is notoriously handed to the man. I told him we had even done a blog posting about it. He laughed. He also received a big, big tip. I’ll be going back to that restaurant.

Sheri says:
Etiquette is important to me. I have drilled it into the children and like Abby, I appreciate the people who get it. I am also a big tipper.

Yet, I’m still frustrated.

When did people stop saying please and thank you? When did screaming into your cell phone become acceptable? Why did parents give up teaching their children to send thank you notes? (Not my friends of course!) When did open-mouth gum chewing become ok? (Or gum snapping which makes my skin crawl.)

I hold the door for the person behind me. I offer to help someone who is carrying a heavy load. I say thank you a lot. It’s not robotic – I am truly grateful.

Automatically handing the check to the man at the table is rude. I’m glad to know some servers are starting to figure that out. Now if we could just get people to remember their manners.

Abby says:
Oooohhh, gum snapping! That is worse than scraping the chalkboard with long finger nails and talking loudly on the cell phone in the public bathroom stall all at once.

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