Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Top Summer Reads

Abby says:
I love to read. It’s my passion. It’s my escape. I love to imagine that I am characters in some of the books I read. Here are my top 5 favorites to date this summer.

“Quickie”: James Patterson
He’s the prolific mystery/suspense king and did not disappoint on this one either. I read it in 2 hours on the edge of my seat.

“When Day Breaks”: Mary Jane Clark
It’s a great mystery intertwining scandal and television personalities.

“Wild Fire”: Nelson DeMille
The military mystery maestro kept my pulse racing with this one. Terrorism is scarier than we could ever imagine. Main character, Detective John Corey, has his usual great sense of humor.

“Bungalow 2”: Danielle Steele
This is Danielle Steele at her finest. Hollywood, trash, sex, cheating, lies and more. Quick read!

“Fresh Disasters”: Stuart Woods
Another Stone Barrington suspense. I think I need to meet him. He sounds fun, sexy and mysterious. And, he lives in Manhattan. What else could a girl wish for?

Sheri says:
I also love to read and I can get a little nutty when I don’t get the chance. It is fantasy yet, I also learn.

My top 5 for the summer have been:

“Dream When You’re Feeling Blue”: Elizabeth Berg
I love everything she writes. This will take you through WWII and the magical bond that sisters have.

“Nineteen Minutes”: Jodi Picoult
If you’ve ever been bullied or worried about someone bullying your child, this is a new perspective. If you’re haunted by the Columbine tragedy or Virginia Tech, you will be mesmerized. It sounds depressing but it is totally engaging.

“Barefoot”: Elin Hilderbrand
Two sisters and a girlfriend on Nantucket. A houseboy. Men who come and go. A summer romp with serious overtones.

“Body Surfing”: Anita Shreve
She always makes me think in a new way.

“The Land of Mango Sunsets”: Dorothea Benton Frank
Good southern humor and lots of family twists and turns.

I like to go back and re-read certain books. I love certain poetry. I love “Gone with the Wind.” I’m pretty sure I could entertain myself with the dictionary.

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