Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wardrobe Overhaul

Sheri says:
My wardrobe needs some help. I wear the same things all the time even though I have zillions of clothing items. Shopping is not one of my favorite activities and I usually end up buying another version of something I already own. Black pants and white shirts abound in my closet. I'm almost guaranteed to come home with another pair of black shoes.

If Abby weren’t so busy, I'd ask for her help. She's the Shopping Queen plus she's not afraid to experiment.

Abby says:
Sheri, I'm never too busy for fashion. I am not an expert by any means, but I do read the fashion magazines, look at the wardrobe tips published each season and pay close attention to the women walking around on my trips to Manhattan.

Here are my 10 personal fashion rules (I live by most of them and fail on some).

* If you're going to experiment with something trendy, try it with a pair of shoes or an accessory. That way you don't have an expensive ensemble that may quickly go out of style. Scarves, handbags, costume jewelry, belts, hair accessories and even make-up are great for trend-setting.

* Try your accessories on before purchasing – preferably along with a clothing item you will be wearing them with – to ensure they achieve the look you truly want.

* If you’re feeling a bit more daring, purchase one trendy clothing item or outfit per season.

* If you haven’t worn it for a year or more, get rid of it or donate it – with the exception of classic items worn only on special occasions.

* When purchasing new clothing items, buy in basic colors that can be worn with other things already in your closet.

* Buy only things that fit you now – don’t hope they will fit later (after you lose that last 3 lbs.). Don’t make purchases just because they are on sale and are “a great deal”.

* Purchase clothes in colors and styles that flatter your figure. I cannot wear pleats – they make my hips look huge no matter how much weight I lose. I cannot wear the wide elastic belts popular this summer. They make me look like a rhinoceros with breasts.

* Purchase shoes that don’t hurt your feet. If you can’t comfortably walk in them, put them back on the shelf (unless like Meredith Vieira from the Today Show, you sit behind a news desk all morning).

* Changing your lipstick color and texture (i.e., matte finish versus gloss look) can portray a subtle, new you for little money. Go for it!

* When you can, change your blush, lipstick and handbag to go with your outfit. If I am wearing a suit that is more of a “cool” toned color, I wear a blush that is more in the pink family and a neutral lipstick (I cannot wear pink lipstick). If I am wearing warm colors, I wear make-up with warm tones. The same goes for the handbag.

Sheri says:
I don’t like or buy shoes that hurt my feet. I have worn the same make-up and lipstick for more than 20 years – when I bother to put it on.

I need to go and buy new stuff.

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