Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Abby says:

I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed today. Everything has gone wrong from the very start. Poor me. Then I realized in the midst of my so-called “crisis” at work, today is September 11th.

I have a great life. I cannot complain about a thing. I thank God each and every day I wake up for what I have.

I will never forget that day, that week, that month or even that year. I don’t think I turned my television off for a month. I was glued to watching the 9/11 news every moment. New York is my favorite city in the world. Every time I visit, I try to go to Ground Zero for a moment of silence and remembering. It’s hard to believe it’s been six years. Our world is so incredibly different now.

Thoughtless me. I am embarrassed I even thought I was having a bad day today.

Sheri says:

Abby and I have visited Ground Zero several times together. On that incredibly horrible day, we must have talked 50 times. We were glued to the television and the phone. Some journalistic training kicked in, “What do you think that means?” floated back and forth. We analyzed for each other.

The world can only continue to thrive when we pick up the remaining pieces and move on. It’s hard. The threats are still there.

Unlike Abby, my first thought this morning was: Today is September 11th.

Abby says:

As I was driving home from a late meeting last night, my last thought was: Tomorrow is September 11th. How quickly I got wrapped up in “me” and forgot to reflect this morning.

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