Monday, September 17, 2007

Breaking News

Sheri says:

I am so tired of everything being designated as, “Breaking News.” The media has overused this phrase so often, it has no meaning. Our country under attack is breaking news; O.J. Simpson’s latest arrest is not.

Abby and I both have journalism degrees. That may not qualify us as experts but it definitely provides a perspective.

The local news is even worse than the national coverage. Our local stations have considered the following things as Breaking News: a fire, (it happens almost every day.) A traffic accident, (It definitely happens every day.) A statement from the mayor or governor, (Duh!) An impending storm, (Isn’t this what the weather portion is supposed to cover?)

Since the phrase no longer has impact, I’ve decided to use it in my everyday life. I will announce to my in-laws, “Breaking News: Dinner in 30 minutes!” Or, I will tell the husband, “Breaking News: I’m going to bed now!”

I might call Abby and say, “Breaking News: I’m sore from workout!”

Abby says:

Sheri and I are both annoyed by this. It’s like the little boy (or girl) who cried wolf. I think it’s a ratings game. Let’s see who can be the most sensationalistic today to boost their ratings tomorrow. I used to pay more attention to this when it occurred on the national news, but even they are doing it. Hopefully if something really “breaking” happens, I will remember to pay attention.

This is an embarrassment to the field of journalism. What’s wrong with these reporters, news editors and producers?

This is a timely discussion for me. I am enrolled in a class in NYC – “Principles of Publishing.” This was a topic of discussion for a few of us in class last week. It happens in the big cities too. My classmates are tired of it as well.

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