Friday, September 14, 2007

If I Did It

Sheri says:

The O.J. Simpson book is being released today. Will you buy it?

I followed the entire trial. Actually, I followed both the criminal and the civil trials with a surreal, bizarre fascination. I remember where I was when the criminal verdict of “not guilty” was read. I took a few law classes in my day, plus our daughter is an attorney. One of the first things you learn is that a verdict of “not guilty” doesn’t mean innocence. It just means guilt wasn’t proven.

I am not alone in thinking this man got away with murder. Even his guilt in the civil suit has proven to be a joke. Of the millions he was ordered to pay, he just worked the system, moved to Florida and protected his assets.

In 1984, I was in a Dallas airport. I met O.J. Simpson. He was in his physical prime. He was handsome and charming. Now I’m repulsed that I’ve shaken his hand. The hand of a killer.

Yet, I’m still listening. I’m still watching. I caught a few minutes of Oprah yesterday with the audience debate. One woman said she will buy the book so the money will go to the Goldman’s charity. Then, she will burn it. Interesting plan.

Abby says:

Yes, guilty, guilty, guilty. I am over him and don’t plan to buy the book. He is repulsing and continuing to get way too much press coverage. I’d rather donate some money to the Goldman family. Ok, news media, let’s move on to a new topic.

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Anonymous said...

The news media and journalists generally are brainless lemmings and a continuing insult to the native American inteligence. What is the essence of a journalist? Gossip. You don't need a degree for that. Forget that dead label and go with what you know.