Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where There's Smoke, Is There Fire?

Sheri says:
I try to avoid being fodder for the rumor mill. I don't always succeed. I'm a little too "out there." My theory has always been that the people who know me and love me will be in my corner. Unfortunately, it's not always true.

Usually, the cliche, "Where there's smoke, there's fire" is true. There's a reason a cliche becomes a cliche. But ... sometimes it's just a hateful rumor. Once I had a woman annihilate me in public because she thought I was looking at her husband. This was untrue on so many levels. I don't even like her husband, but I happen to adore mine. Her husband is unattractive and boring. I don't want to get caught in a conversation with him, let alone flirt with him.

Many years ago, Abby, her husband and I worked for the same company. I was great friends with both of them. Her husband and I would take our coffee/smoke breaks together with another friend. The rumor mill buzzed. There was no smoke. There was no fire. It was a simple and fun friendship that I miss. But hey, I got to keep Abby!

Abby says:
Yes, the rumor mill buzzed about Sheri and my husband, especially during the process of him becoming "not my husband". Those rumors were especially hurtful because they came from people I somewhat trusted and they were misconstrued. Oh, well, in the end I kept Sheri as my friend, not them (or my husband).

For me personally, the smoke has not been caused from the fire -- it's from the pyromaniacs who don't have enough to do all day and wish to stir up gossip. Because I'm single and older, I must be a "ho". I have been accused of having affairs with people I barely know. I own a business. I talk to a lot of people. I gesticulate when I talk. Maybe that appears flirtatious. I talk to a lot of men -- there are a lot of them in my industry. Talking is how I set up deals and get business. It's amazing how people turn that into "I heard you are dating so and so".

When I worked for Bank One Corporation, the rumor when I got hired is that my dad got me the job -- he worked there at the time. This was so far from the truth as I did everything possible to make sure he had no involvement. The funny twist on that is Sheri did not want me to get hired because she thought I was unqualified! (I proved her wrong). I work with a lot of people in the health care industry. It is full of rumors of all kinds. Some of the best ones are true and some are hateful and malicious.

I love to hear rumors but typically keep them to myself as I remember how they feel when they become personal.

Sheri says:
I wanted you to be hired. I was just nervous about that particular position. As usual, you proved me wrong.

Abby says:
Rumor has it you did not like me for a long time. I guess it all worked out!

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Sandy said...

I'm glad Abby and Sheri are still friends. Guess Sheri's friendship with Abby's husband answers that "When Harry Met Sally" debate over whether a man and woman can be friends without it becoming sexual? I did not know anything about the rumor at that time, but I always knew they were friends. Nothing else ever occurred to me.