Saturday, October 27, 2007

Are Rules Meant to be Broken?

Sheri says:

I don’t like other people pushing rules on me. I think my moral code is solid. Not that I don’t mess up occasionally, but in general I make pretty ethical decisions. My husband loves to announce a new “House Rule.” He has some control issues but so do I. We listen to each other and then pretty much do what we want. After this many years, he has figured out that I will make my own decisions.

I enjoy breaking the stupid rules:
Women over 30 shouldn’t have long hair. I break it.
You shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. I break it.

History shows us that some of the greatest strides made for women (and mankind) are by people who dared to break the rules. I’ll probably never be that brave. But one of my favorite sayings is, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” I believe that was Eleanor Roosevelt.

I follow the rules of society. I try to be a law-abiding citizen. If I’m in a workplace, I follow the rules there. But every once in a while … especially in my own home, I like to be the rule breaker.

Abby says:

I believe in and understand why we need rules, I’ve just always had trouble being dictated to. It started when I was very young, and my parents set rules. I always considered myself one of the grown-ups, so I constantly rebelled. Nothing has changed. If someone tries to impose rules on me today it makes my skin crawl. Now I really am a grown-up and I don’t require direction.

My “house rules” accumulated over the years include:
· Maggie, my dog, is allowed to sleep in my bed. Most of the time she prefers her crate.
· Don’t pee in my toilet and leave the seat up (please).
· Don’t walk out my door and leave it wide open – for bugs and bees (and strange people) to fly in.
· I only clean once per week. Sorry if that offends visitors.
· Load my dishwasher ONLY if you do it the way I do.
· Don’t use my shower and leave my vanity mirror all fogged up.
· Don’t bother to take your dirty dishes to the kitchen if you’re not going to rinse and put them in the dishwasher.
· Don’t wipe your face with my dishrag.
· Don’t drink out of my milk jug. That’s what cups are for.

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janis said...

This is funny! I know both these wonderful writers. I know some of Abby's rules, all of Sheri's. I have often thought Sheri should write a book titled "The World According to Sheri". Her rules are expected to be respected & she has been known for making many people change their rules for her...there is even some question about the "law abiding", I know for a fact that she has broken some rules that are also laws, or laws for most people. As for Ms Abby, I am quickly learning her rules, and I try to follow them as I am Blessed to work for her. However, we would never have made good room mates. I am sure she would have killed me. I still drink milk from the carton and I never follow the good rules very well, do I Sheri?