Thursday, October 18, 2007

Media Hounds

Sheri says:

Ann Coulter made the news recently. Shocker! Many of the traditional media outlets were running clips from CNBC but I needed the perspective so I went to the Internet to watch the interview in its entirety. She’s provocative. She certainly courts the media attention. But, in this scenario, she was making a legitimate point that was misconstrued based on her choice of words.

The catch phrase that caught all of the attention was, “Christians are perfected Jews.” Throw that up on your crawl screen or your blog and watch everyone go nuts. If my little pea brain got it in context, what she was saying was that Jesus was a Jewish person. In the old testament, we honored and learned that heritage. In the new testament, Jesus became the savior for believers. Therefore, he perfected Judaism. This is the foundation of Christianity. Fact or fiction? That's up to you to decide. I know a lot of people who are nodding their heads in agreement.

I’m not a fan or a foe of Ann Coulter. She got her coverage. I’m sure it was well orchestrated. Do you think that choicy phrase was accidental?

There’s far too much intolerance in this world. People like Ann Coulter enjoy fanning the flames. I have friends with all different religious beliefs. I have friends with zero religious beliefs. That is their right. I guess if someone is willing to give Ann Coulter air time, it’s her right to make a provocative statement.

Also in the news, it was announced that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. I am super suspicious of the politics involved. Think what you want about global warming but the man has won an Emmy, an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. Many scientists dispute his facts. Many others say he has brought an international crisis to the forefront of our minds. I don’t know.

With so many facts in dispute, I feel like the Nobel Peace Prize is a little tainted.

Abby says:

I don’t care for Ann Coulter. I watched her interview several times and I don’t like what she said. Her remarks were terribly offensive to me. I grew up in a Christian household but we never once thought that just because we were Christians that we were supreme over anyone else. I guess maybe I don’t know what religion I am after all. I have friends of many religious beliefs and to me it’s fine if we all think what we believe is right. That’s the Libra in me – everything in balance. Ann Coulter gets way too much media attention and the media just keep coming back for more. She has the publicity thing down. She needs to cut her hair.

Al Gore? I think there has to be something substantial to all his research. Even to those deserving major awards, there are always politics involved somewhere along the line.

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