Monday, January 7, 2008

New Words

Abby says:
I recently read an article in the New York Times listing new words that got their attention in 2007. I feel clueless – I have not heard of most of these. Here are my favorites:

* Pap (photo taken by paparazzi). Sorry, makes me think of Pap smear.
* Vegansexual (person who eats no meats, uses no animal-derived products and does not have sex with a non-vegan). This has gone a bit too far…
* Mom job (a mommy makeover)
* Navy shower (short shower which requires you to turn off the water). I remember my granny talking about something similar called a “PTA”. You figure it out.
* Forever stamps (stamps you purchase that will cover the price of a first-class letter, regardless of postage increases). The problem is that not all postal workers understand what these are when asked…

Sheri says:
I love new words. I have heard of all that Abby mentioned except the Navy Shower. My grandmother used to call that taking a “whore’s bath.”

In the same NYT article, I particularly liked:

*Bacn (email alerts, newsletters, etc.) You’re trapped because you have chosen to receive them. Forget Spam.
*Crowdsource (a different version of outsourcing. Gathering a group of people to work on a single problem.)
*Global weirding (Severe or unusual environmental activity, often attributed to global warming.)
*Multi-dad (Said of a woman who has children by more than one man.)

Some words stick with me because they’re fun to use. Sometimes I make up my own words and expressions but they’ve never made it to the New York Times.


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janis said...

Hmm...  I hear new words all the time, especially being a parent of teens.  Also, being Sheri & Abby's friend.  I am constantly asking, "what did you say?" & "what does that mean?". 
I find it most interesting that young people find new uses for old words.  I get confused.  Somethings will always remain the old meaning to me.  Like, thongs are what I wear on the beach... on my feet.  Panties are my underwear. 
Anyway,  I am not afraid to ask if I do not know.  I must say, these were all new to me. I want to know more about these "forever stamps". That is so cool! It's about time for that!
This weekend I got introduced to "Transgender". Apparently the "female" that lives in my daughters dorm hall, is no longer a "female" but a "male". The dorm is full of literature to help us understand. Hmm. Okay, this is just too weird. Shouldn't this transgender person be living on the boys floor now?
Anyway, at 45 I continue to learn. I wish I had taken Etymology in school. I know my kids will one day thank me for making them take it!

Anonymous said...

A Navy ship distills its own drinking water and so it is usually in short supply. Normally, a Navy shower is done with piped in saltwater but it leaves you sticky. So, if there is plenty of water you can rinse with hot, distilled water, quickly. If not, you sticky till the next time. As usually there are lots of men waiting for their turn in the shower, all showers are quickly done. The salt water isn't heated so that helps the quickness part.