Wednesday, February 13, 2008

If You Were the President

Sheri says:

Public office is not an option for me. I have far too many skeletons in my closet. But, it’s a slight obsession for me. I even put that passion to work by earning a degree in political science. Since it was the early 80s, most of the countries have since changed names and boundaries.

It does not stop me from speculating. If I was elected president and I had to name my top several priorities, I would choose:

Instituting a flat income tax system and a fair property tax system.
Serious healthcare reform.
A change in entitlements across the board – from Social Security to government pension plans.
Changes in gun control.
Accountability in our public school systems.
Homeland security plans that actually make people feel safe.
It’s easy to be the armchair quarterback and of course, I have no idea how to accomplish these goals. But the first person who can explain how he or she will get some or all of these done will get my vote.

Abby says:

I am with Sheri. I do not aspire to hold office – it would be incredibly frustrating to me because things seem to move too slowly and with too much red tape. I have fewer husbands than Sheri but more skeletons, I suspect, making it an impossibility for me.

I have many ideas on what should be done in our country, however, I honestly think these issues are too large for one person to tackle. I don’t know that it can be done. It’s like being the CEO for the most giant corporation in the universe. Money and greed play so deeply into the pockets of the presidential candidates, that once they’re elected, they owe too many favors to too many people. That truly makes “reform” virtually impossible. I experienced this firsthand via a healthcare client who recently traveled to “The Hill” to present information on an important topic.

There was so much obvious positioning and posturing that the issue presented was not going to get the action we hoped for – something that would benefit patients. Rather, the focus was the politicians and what would influence their upcoming votes on various issues.

My top priorities:

Fair taxes (income and property)
Healthcare reform (on both the patient and physician side)
Social Security reform
Better focus on education and literacy (as opposed to the construction of bigger, better NFL and NBA stadiums)
Tighter gun control laws
Development of fair laws regarding entrance into our border

My two questions:
How does one person accomplish these goals in four
What was the last thing a US president did that made a major, positive impact?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Too Much

Sheri says:

Some things and some people are just too much. Even when it gets on my nerves, I will be the first to admit that I can be too out there and I am certainly guilty of having too much. With that confession, here are some of the “too much” topics running through my mind:

Too Much Information
Unless you are part of my inner circle, I do not want to know about your sex life or your bathroom habits.

Abby says:

I could not agree more. I am always amazed that I often meet complete strangers who feel the need to share personal information with me within the span of a short, friendly conversation. It’s amazing the “dirt” I have gathered!

Too Much Food
Sheri says: This is why I hate buffets. People that feel the need to load up for the week make me lose my appetite.

Abby says:
I think Americans must eat more than any country in the solar system.

Too Much Stuff
Sheri says: I recently helped my husband go through my mother-in-law’s things. (She passed away.) I had a brain flash of someone going through my stuff. I have too much. So did she.

Abby says:

Me too and me three! I have way too much of everything. I don’t know where I got that or why I am that way. Perhaps it is some type of disorder for which I need to seek help. I have often wondered what it would feel like to want to be a true minimalist. Life might be much easier. Some of my happiest years were my poorest years when I was starting out.

Too Much Stimuli
Sheri says: Maybe it’s a sign of my age but I cannot handle the multiple pictures, plus the media scroll, plus the actual show/interview on the screen. How does one concentrate?

Abby says:

As I sit in my bed at 8:00 pm on my laptop checking email, I totally agree. Stimuli keeps me awake at night often. Why do I feel the need to always be connected? I can’t bear to escape my phone/email/Internet. It breaks every sleep hygiene rule any of the docs I work with taught me.

Too Much Stress
Sheri says: Yes, we bring a lot of it on ourselves and yes, some people deal with it better than others. It’s still too much.

Too Much Pressure
Sheri says:This usually comes from a spouse or a parent. And yet, we continue the cycle and do it to our children. A little pressure is helpful; too much is counter productive.

Abby says:

I think too much pressure leads to too much stress. About 90% of my stress comes from self-induced pressure from make-believe deadlines or goals I set. They are ridiculous at times. I recently read that it’s ok to be happy and complacent with where you are in your life. I need to learn to live this motto rather than always trying to over achieve myself. At the end of the day no one cares what I achieve.

Too Much Affection
Sheri says
: Again, I’m admitting my guilt. I’m very touchy. But, I get uncomfortable with people who feel free to touch me, kiss me, etc. without my permission.

Abby says:

Oooh! I have a thing about bad body language and invading personal space. I recently gave a lecture about it to a group of healthcare workers. There have actually been studies conducted that discuss appropriate personal space in business and social situations. My rules: Don’t give me a dead fish handshake. I recently had someone do this – a female. Ick! Don’t break my hand when you shake it (my hand is already broken from a previous injury). Don’t touch me if you don’t know me (unless your name is McDreamy).

Too Much Materialism
Abby says:

There is just too much focus on materialism in this world. I cannot believe people actually camp outside Wal-Mart waiting for a WII, an Xbox, Nintendo or other item. That is insanity at its finest. It’s all about wanting to have it “now”. I thank the media for much of this hype. It just continues to feed on itself.

Sheri says:

I may do a lot of wacky things. You will Never find me outside of The Wal-Mart at o’dark thirty. In fact, if you find me outside of The Wal-Mart, you have my permission to shoot me.