Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Too Much

Sheri says:

Some things and some people are just too much. Even when it gets on my nerves, I will be the first to admit that I can be too out there and I am certainly guilty of having too much. With that confession, here are some of the “too much” topics running through my mind:

Too Much Information
Unless you are part of my inner circle, I do not want to know about your sex life or your bathroom habits.

Abby says:

I could not agree more. I am always amazed that I often meet complete strangers who feel the need to share personal information with me within the span of a short, friendly conversation. It’s amazing the “dirt” I have gathered!

Too Much Food
Sheri says: This is why I hate buffets. People that feel the need to load up for the week make me lose my appetite.

Abby says:
I think Americans must eat more than any country in the solar system.

Too Much Stuff
Sheri says: I recently helped my husband go through my mother-in-law’s things. (She passed away.) I had a brain flash of someone going through my stuff. I have too much. So did she.

Abby says:

Me too and me three! I have way too much of everything. I don’t know where I got that or why I am that way. Perhaps it is some type of disorder for which I need to seek help. I have often wondered what it would feel like to want to be a true minimalist. Life might be much easier. Some of my happiest years were my poorest years when I was starting out.

Too Much Stimuli
Sheri says: Maybe it’s a sign of my age but I cannot handle the multiple pictures, plus the media scroll, plus the actual show/interview on the screen. How does one concentrate?

Abby says:

As I sit in my bed at 8:00 pm on my laptop checking email, I totally agree. Stimuli keeps me awake at night often. Why do I feel the need to always be connected? I can’t bear to escape my phone/email/Internet. It breaks every sleep hygiene rule any of the docs I work with taught me.

Too Much Stress
Sheri says: Yes, we bring a lot of it on ourselves and yes, some people deal with it better than others. It’s still too much.

Too Much Pressure
Sheri says:This usually comes from a spouse or a parent. And yet, we continue the cycle and do it to our children. A little pressure is helpful; too much is counter productive.

Abby says:

I think too much pressure leads to too much stress. About 90% of my stress comes from self-induced pressure from make-believe deadlines or goals I set. They are ridiculous at times. I recently read that it’s ok to be happy and complacent with where you are in your life. I need to learn to live this motto rather than always trying to over achieve myself. At the end of the day no one cares what I achieve.

Too Much Affection
Sheri says
: Again, I’m admitting my guilt. I’m very touchy. But, I get uncomfortable with people who feel free to touch me, kiss me, etc. without my permission.

Abby says:

Oooh! I have a thing about bad body language and invading personal space. I recently gave a lecture about it to a group of healthcare workers. There have actually been studies conducted that discuss appropriate personal space in business and social situations. My rules: Don’t give me a dead fish handshake. I recently had someone do this – a female. Ick! Don’t break my hand when you shake it (my hand is already broken from a previous injury). Don’t touch me if you don’t know me (unless your name is McDreamy).

Too Much Materialism
Abby says:

There is just too much focus on materialism in this world. I cannot believe people actually camp outside Wal-Mart waiting for a WII, an Xbox, Nintendo or other item. That is insanity at its finest. It’s all about wanting to have it “now”. I thank the media for much of this hype. It just continues to feed on itself.

Sheri says:

I may do a lot of wacky things. You will Never find me outside of The Wal-Mart at o’dark thirty. In fact, if you find me outside of The Wal-Mart, you have my permission to shoot me.


Anonymous said...

this was a very fun read :)
i also enjoyed the one about words and vernacular, a while back.

hope all is fantastic.
miss you, abby :)


Anonymous said...


My favorite part:

"Don't touch me unless your name is McDreamy" :)