Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reconnecting Friendships

Abby says:
I am a voracious reader. It's my escape for an hour at the very end of my day -- no matter how late. Because my business is somewhat high-energy, I typically choose to escape into a dark cave of mystery novels, medical thrillers or romantic trash novels. Last weekend I was perusing the new fiction releases at Barnes & Noble and noticed a cover that caught my eye. It was something about the soothing aqua colored design that drew me to read the book jacket.

The author is Kristin Hannah. The book is "Firefly Lane". The story unfolds with two young girls who become friends by chance, and their friendship blossoms into many years intertwined with happiness and tumult. I was not totally sold until I noticed the end of the jacket -- which talked about the music group ABBA and listening to "Dancing Queen". Somehow this reference made an instant connection with me. I was thrown back into my early years of sweet memories.

The book was moving. Amazingly, I have branched out and read something that is not a trash novel. It opened my mind. Hannah has an amazing talent and a knack with descriptive language that brings you into the story. The ending is completely a heart break that brought a lump to my throat and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Most of all, this book reminded me of my friendship with Sheri. We have endured many, many years. Some have been good. Some have been great. Some have been bad -- some even totally void of contact. Sheri makes me laugh. Sheri makes me angry. Our friendship has seemed distant and far away recently -- we're both dealing with our own lives and issues.

"Firefly Lane" made me look at our friendship in a completely new light for which I am grateful. The next time Sheri makes me mad I will try harder to let it roll.

Read this book.

Sheri says:
What a shock to learn that I make Abby mad sometimes!

I have also read this book. I’ve enjoyed the author for years and it’s been interesting to watch her writing style evolve. As Chick Lit, this is a great friendship story, and for any woman in her 40s, it’s bound to take you down memory lane.

You will see yourself in each of these characters. At least I did. I will take the recommendation a little further. Yes, read the book. Then, take a fresh look at your friendships and reconnect where necessary. I’m going to try to take my own advice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Abby,
It was fun to read your blog (I noticed on the bottom of your email address).

I am sure that you have been a wonderful support to Sara!
Take care and see you sometime soon.