Monday, April 21, 2008

Papal Visit

Abby says:

This is Abby Marmion, correspondent from Chameleon Co., reporting live from my kitchen table about the Papal Mass. Because of the Internet and these things called blogs, even amateurs can be news reporters, reporting stories as they happen, and broadcast them over the waves of cyberspace.

As I worked on my school presentation Sunday afternoon, my mom called and reminded me the Pope's Mass in NYC was on CNN. I turned on my TV and was absolutely glued for the next 3 hours. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic, I suppose.

I was raised in the religion and attended Catholic schools for 12 years. While I respect and still believe some of the basic principles, somewhere along the way, I fell off the wagon (like many in my generation) for numerous reasons we don't need to belabor here. So, I guess I am one of those "sometimes" Catholics (as hypocritical as that may sound) and still a stray searching for the perfect religion.

As I watched the public Mass, for the first time since my grade school years, something made me want to be there taking part in this pomp and circumstance. Hmm. Wonder what that is about? Sheri and I should have stayed in NYC last week in hopes of scoring tickets. Other than a Yankees game or a U2 concert, I have never heard such applause in a public venue. Attendees were on their feet from the time Pope Benedict entered the stadium until the Mass commenced. It was somewhat shocking to watch, in light of the numerous scandals plaguing the church.

The Pope somehow exudes mystery, making viewers want to bottle it up, inhale it, and never let it go. I have never seen some 60,000 people receive Holy Communion in a venue this size. It was amazing in and of itself. Unlike a rock concert, he left the stage (altar), but there was no encore. As he departed Yankee Stadium, the crowd was still, and no one moved from their seats.

While I don't support everything the Catholic church stands for (and am ashamed for what's been uncovered recently regarding priests), I respect the Pope. There are many religions I respect. While I am not sure how the Catholic church will recover from all their controversy, I still enjoyed watching this once-in-a-lifetime event. When I was growing up, we didn't have the multi-media technology to view an event like this.

Sheri says:

I am Methodist but I wanted to be Catholic for a while. I tried. Most of my childhood friends are/were Catholic so I spent some time there. My goddaughters are Catholic. I am married to a FARC (Fallen Away Roman Catholic.)

All of the Christian sects were spawned from Catholic beginnings. Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian ... even those wacky Baptists.

Am I incredibly naive? As I look at Christian religions, I find very few differences. One is Papal Supremacy. I admire him. I wish I was still in NY so I could see him in person. But I don't think he is God on earth.

Abby says:

I agree with Sheri's comments. FARC? I have never heard that term but I guess it fits me, too.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, the last God on Earth was hung from a Cross. Popes are only the Bishop of Rome but they are lineal descendents of St. Peter's Office (the first Pope).