Friday, May 9, 2008

Texting Lingo

Abby says:
Ok, so I have proudly broken into the world of text messaging. Until I purchased my iPhone (which I must say has been the best technology gadget to ever benefit my business) I never really texted. With my current data plan, it's free, so I decided to slowly tread into the waters of this hip cyber typing experience. I have learned something new!

I've grown to love it because I can correspond with someone quickly if there's no time to pick up the phone and voice mail. With some clients, it's become a great productivity tool when you need to get a quick message to somebody. It's also great between meetings when there is no time to call. Beware: if you have "diarrhea of the mouth" texting is not for you. It's also not for experimentation while driving.

And, I feel like I might be accepted into the cool crowd corresponding with my "younger friends" (much younger I must add) and relatives. I must tell you, though, I've noticed they send me messages with abbreviations, signs and symbols to which I am clueless. Perhaps I am not as hip to the technology as I thought.

After receiving a text with an upside down question mark, I decided to investigate. Upon Googling, I found it's just the Hispanic symbol for a question. Easy enough, but how do you actually type this? Well, it's the "num lock" plus "alt" plus "168". That is too much info for me to remember let alone a stress on my pre-arthritic fingers! is a great site if you're looking for a whole slew of text abbreviations. Here are a few they list:
nid = need
nt = not
2moro = tomorrow
f = if
? = what?

Sheri says:
I don't know how to text. My husband uses it all the time to communicate with the kids and I'm a little jealous. I just got a new phone and have made learning to text a priority. Luckily, our son is now home from college so he will try to teach me. It will be a new language for me. I'm not very good with signs and symbols, plus I tend to write in complete sentences.

Once I learn, Abby will be the first to know.


janis said...

Texting has kept me in the loop with my daughters for a few years now. They had to call me from point A to point B, especially when they started driving. The oldest, continued to text me daily at college, as it is such an easy means of comunicating, quick & to the point. My husband has joined us in the texting world, and his shorthand is sometimes hard to understand, but he is trying! I can't wait till Sheri joins the texting world, I have been at her for some time.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for me to stray from formal language and grammar, but texting seems to help: I personally tend to drop vowels.

Anonymous said...

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