Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Voting Stories

Abby says:
I don't think I have ever been as interested in an election as I have this year. While I don't support all the candidates and their views, it's exciting that we have the opportunity to be voting Americans in a free country. I love that high school aged kids have been calling my house during the dinner hour for the past several weeks, pleading their case for their candidate -- even if I didn't plan on voting for their candidate. I talked to them and encouraged them to believe in their cause and stay involved. I love that young people in their 20s have been setting up tables outside near my office, encouraging people to vote in the primary. These kids are the future of our country.

When I arrived yesterday at my voting precinct during the dark hour of 6:00 am, there was a long line. I wasn’t irritated, I was glad. People care, and they are voting. I waited about 30 minutes. An interesting observation I made while watching the goings-on around me: precinct volunteers literally had their hands on the pile of "Democrat"
forms – appearing almost anxious to hand them out as they asked voters which party they declared. This was not just a presidential primary, it was about congress, school board, judges, etc. Was this a subliminal message that people are looking for a change? Or, have they been watching too much of the media talking about cross-over votes? Who knows, but it was mighty fun to watch.

We live in Indiana. Hillary won. But, will she throw in the towel? It will be an interesting few weeks ahead.

Sheri says:
I am way too obsessed with the political process. Indiana has not really counted in the primary elections in over 40 years. Yesterday was our day. The Clintons and Obamas criss crossed our state repeatedly over the past few weeks. To quote one of our columnists, "If you didn't see them, you didn't want to." They were everywhere.

It's nice to have Indiana in the spotlight for something other than a sound bite with someone with bad teeth and bad grammar.

I voted early but unlike Abby, I missed the morning crush. The average age of our poll volunteers is 73+. After I submitted my ballot, a volunteer man came lurching toward me and smacked a "I Vote; I Count" sticker on me. He put it on my breast but I decided to not be offended.

The primary is important. But I'm a tad concerned about the candidates below the presidential level. We have a few buffoons that keep getting re-elected year after year. We have a Congressman who was elected solely on his last name and his grandmother's coattails. We have a person who used to be our governor that I suspect is working and oiling the political machine. That makes me crazy but it is reality.

After I voted yesterday, I had several conversations with neighbors, friends, etc. Two of them referred to Obama as the "Anti Christ." The young people seem to adore him; middle-aged people seem to be skeptical.

I am only one person. I vote. I count.

Abby says:
Even Stevie Wonder showed up for Obama and performed a few songs downtown on the American Legion Mall. Sorry I missed that. He's one of my favorites!

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janis said...

I have never been so excited about an election. A huge part is because this is the first time both my daughters will be able to vote, and they are ready to take a stand! To see so many young people get registered and to see that they have a voice. They understand that it is their future and I am thrilled to see such excitement.