Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Reading

Sheri says:

Abby and I are avid readers. On our previous post, we discussed how younger generations are reading less. As long as they keep publishing books, I will keep buying and reading. I like to discover new writers but like most people my age, I gravitate to my favorite authors and my guaranteed escapes. We are such dorks that we call each other and say, “So and so’s book is coming out next week.” At least twice a month, we meet in a bookstore and this is BIG FUN for us.

Time is short and we all feel the pinch. Reading for pleasure feels a little indulgent. I still squeeze it in. I am one of those people who always have a book in my bag, a book in my car and certainly a book on the nightstand. My favorite reading time is on a plane or on vacation. Sometimes I take a little trip to my neighborhood pool, plop on my sun glass readers and settle in. I don’t need a spa; I need to relax. Reading does this for me.

Lately, I’ve read:

The Last Promise – Richard Paul Evans. Schmaltzy and a great escape.
Change of Heart – Jodi Piccoult. Thought-provoking, as usual.
Charley’s Web – Joy Fielding. It resonated with me and choices we all make.
Just Who Will You Be? – Maria Shriver. It made me feel good for not knowing it all.
Mosaic – Amy Grant.
The Race – Richard North Patterson. One of my favorite authors.

I recommend them all. I have a stack that’s waiting for my attention. The dust bunnies will wait. If I can capture some time here and there, you’ll find me near water with a book in my hands.

Abby says:

Yes, I try to read every single night before bedtime no matter how late it is. On a weekend, give me a good book and a glass of wine, and I’m a happy camper for 48 hours! I love to escape and see where authors will take me and who I will meet along the way. I have even discovered my favorite restaurant and shopping haunts across the U.S. reading books. I especially love discovering new authors then reading all their old titles. Pure fantasy land.

My favorites this summer are:

Wikinomics: The Expanded Edition – Don Tapscott. Fascinating tour into the world of wikis and how big companies like P & G are thinking in today’s world and using the internet to compete globally.

Bull’s Island: Dorothea Benton Frank. Southern romance and scandal meets Manhattan excitement. A new author for me.

Love the One You’re With: Emily Giffin. A great love story revolving around what happens when you’ve already said “I do” and an old flame shows up.
Abandon: Carla Neggers. Mindless reading combining romance, police suspense, a New Hampshire lake house and a happy ending.

Sheri says:

Reading also sets a great example. If your children see you shut down the computer and pick up a book, they pay attention. When my son was in high school, he had massive reading lists -- usually the classics. I reread many of them so to his horror, we could discuss them.

There's nothing wrong with being wired in but I also like to encourage the young people in my life to unplug and crack open a book.

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janis said...

When the girls were little I read to them every day. We had a routine at bed time that we would go through about 5 - 10 books. It was our time. We also would snuggle and read throughout the day. Then they would read to me as they got older. I don't recall when exactly it happend but suddenly neither of them wanted to read much any more. I think it had to do with the school they were at and some of the teachers turning reading into a chore instead of a pleasure.

They are now young adults. Emily will read a few books for pleasure, many for college courses, and she reads off the internet daily as well as magazines. Annie, only reads books she has to read! Drives me crazy! She is an internet reader & addicted to fashion and design magazines. She is so overloaded in her work study load she doesn't realize that pleasure read would relax her & allow her to escape.
Yet here I say this and I never make time to read myself. Books that is. I have been taking forever to read my latest fun book. Yet I too, love to escape for a few minutes reading blogs. I find them fascinating and take just minutes, that often turn into hours!
So I guess it is about making the time to read. There is so much out there I want to read, I just have not made myself give the time to do so.