Monday, August 25, 2008

Generation Gap

Abby says:

When I was young I used to make fun of “older people” when they talked about “you young kids and the generation gap”. I never got it. Now, I am one of those older people and experience the generation gap quite often. Sometimes it makes me chuckle. Other times it makes me want to crawl under a rock.

A few weeks ago my cousins were in from Denver. We used to be U.S. Mail pen pals when we were young. I have not seen them since my teen years. It was great fun to hook up. During lunch, their two kids amused us all. Their 11-year-old son discussed his like for Aerosmith. I was quite impressed. We were then discussing Elton John (my fave) and his sister, who is 16, said (as she madly texted her friends), “Elton John, he’s dead isn’t he?” I laughed until I cried. Ah…the generation gap.

Sheri says:

I acknowledge the generation gap but I find it shrinking. And, I think it’s interesting that we share the same music with our parents and our children. I am equally happy with Frank Sinatra or the Doobie Brothers.

My husband’s children are teaching him things but he’s also introducing them to new things. I’m addicted to my favorite (oldies) music but they take great joy in discovering new artists.

Middle age is a puzzler. (I use the term “middle age” loosely. No one in my family has seen 90.)

My generation gap is more like a generation gasp. The reunion concert that I want to attend is celebrating their 25th or 30th year, Oh my!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry. My 14 year-old daughter loves to play Elton Jones Piano songs. she has many of his songs on her ipod. Some younger kids still know him well
Fred N.