Monday, December 29, 2008

Do All Things Happen For a Reason?

Abby says:
I have always been a supporter of "all things happen for a reason". Now, I am a firm believer. My sister has always been somewhat karmic. She believes in Eastern medicine and is a Reiki healer. I work for physicians and am a believer in Western medicine -- although I don't discount other types of healing. We're very different, but somehow it's always worked out between us. Recently, after being gone from Indy for more than 25 years, she announces out of the clear blue, she is moving back. "From Boulder, Colorado? "Are you crazy?" -- people ask her. She's never really had a firm answer. She just said "It's time".

She's always had this uncanny way of knowing that something is going to happen -- good or bad. It has been that way since she was young. It gives me the shivers. Well, once again, voila -- my dad was hospitalized the week before Christmas. Luckily, she is home and available to help out or my brother and I would have a serious situation and big decisions on our hands. Just so happens she was in the process of job interviewing without a lot of luck -- thanks to our thriving economy. Now, she has a part-time job. Being a caretaker. My parents are happy. She has a flexible schedule and can devote the remainder of her time to creating her works of art. If that's not karmic, I don't know what is. All things must happen for a reason.

Sheri says:

I do not fully believe all things happen for a reason.

Too many senseless deaths and disasters occur. I do feel some people are more intuitive than others. Many are better prepared for various situations. Others may be more observant and see signals and signs versus burying their heads and seeing only what they choose to see.

It would be great if the chasm between eastern and western medicine could be bridged. I believe science and spirituality can co-exist. One word of caution: Care giving is mentally and physically taxing. She will need her healing powers more than ever. I think we are given free will to make some choices. Others are inflicted on us and our only options are how we deal with them.


Anonymous said...

If you are a darwinist materialist then there is no purpose in the universe.

Candy said...

I believe all things happen for a reason. I have always lived "what comes around, goes around". I have been knocked down by life a few times in retribution for some not-so-nice things I've done. I try, try, try, to give, to nurture, to understand so that life will flow those things right back at me. Strength of self is not present at birth . . . we cultivate it all our lives during this process.

Mindy said...

I do not believe that we are powerless when others "inflict" events upon us. We are in total control even when we think we are not. We have choices, although the choices might see like dead-ends at the time. For me to think that I am powerless puts me in victim mindset, and I think this is the main mindset that we as a race (human) need to rise above. I believe we co-create our experiences with others. We attract most experiences depending on our subconscious beliefs. Life is a DANCE!

As far as the intuitive stuff, well, I just tap into what I hear.