Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Were They Thinking?

Sheri says:
Although I love this topic, lately I'm more likely to ask, "What was I thinking?"
A few days ago, I backed out of my parents driveway and hit a car parked on the street. What was I thinking?

A couple of weeks ago, I was forced to separate from my husband of 16 years. Turns out, I didn't know the man quite as well as I thought, Where was my brain?

Lots of people make mistakes. Like the 3 auto maker CEOs looking for a government bailout who chose to fly in three corporate jets. Like the woman who was trying to stretch her baby's formula due to these dire economic times and ended up almost killing her son.

Some people are pretty good at thinking things through and making rational decisions. I used to think I was one of them but lately I'm not so sure.

Abby says:
* What were they thinking when they recently decided to bring leggings back into the fashion forefront? (What was I thinking when I bought a pair?)
* What were they thinking when they decided wearing your pants below your hiney was stylish? (Thankfully, I never adopted this fashion statement.)
* What were they thinking when they thought non-athlete males strolling the beach in skimpy Speedo bathing suits was hot? (Not!)
* What were they thinking when they thought making big grunting noises in the weight room at the gym would attract women?
* What were they thinking when they invited Cloris Leachman to be on Dancing With the Stars?
* What was Britney Spears thinking when she shaved her head?
* What was O.J. thinking when he stormed that Palace Station Hotel room looking for "his loot" -- landing him in prison? And, what were they thinking when they almost published his book last year?
* What were the mortgage lenders, finance companies and banks thinking when they made those loans they knew people could not repay?
* What was President Bush thinking all the times he said "nuculear" for "nuclear"?
* What were they thinking when they trampled the worker at Walmart trying to get into the store the day after Thanksgiving to scoop the best bargains?
* I agree with Sheri: What were the auto chiefs thinking when they decided corporate jets project a better image to the American public than flying coach?


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that buying a gun for self defense would prove that the thinking cap was back on correctly.Don's Guns probably has a few for females. There used to be a store behind Ruth Chris but they just loved to sell guns not to make any money and so aren't there anymore.

Anonymous said...

Cars have rear view mirrors for a reason.....