Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From One Candid Girl to Another

Sheri says:

The image above is from a card I received many, many years ago. The handwritten note inside expresses good wishes for some difficulty I was experiencing. I do not remember what it was. Of course, the card was from Abby.

The framed card has moved with me numerous times. It's been in every office I've ever occupied from my corporate days to my home office. I've looked at it almost every day for close to two decades and it still makes me smile.

Now it's my turn to send this card and similar wishes to Abby. Queens may not make bargains but some of us mere mortals do. Abby is facing some challenges and every day seems to throw a new curve. She is one of the strongest women I know but that doesn't mean she is immune to fear or exhaustion.

So, hang in there my friend.

Abby says:
Thanks Sheri! I remember this card and have always loved it.

Yes, I am exhausted and I am somewhat in fear. My dad has been in and out of the emergency room 4 times in the last week. He was admitted finally and has had 2 unexpected surgeries in 2 days. There was to be another today but he's now got some type of stomach flu so they cannot operate. It's been never ending. All odds say he should make it through. I am keeping hope.

The one good thing that has come of this is I am now armed with the missing information I need to complete my healthcare book -- to help others like me naviagate our difficult system. I have met with numerous doctors and other healthcare providers yet it's more confusing than ever. Hopefully I can pass the knowledge I've gained to others soon.

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janis said...

My prayers are with you Abby. Call if I can help you with ANYTHING. I will be there in a heartbeat.