Thursday, March 19, 2009

Next In Line Please

Abby says:

Ok, maybe it's because people are so stressed about the current economy. Maybe they are clueless. Or, maybe they are just plain rude, and I'm only now noticing it.

When you are at the checkout of the grocery, drug store or other retail establishment, and there's a big long line it's irritating. It's even more irritating when a new cashier opens up and says: "I can help the next in line please" and someone cuts in line to rush up and pay. Yes, "cut in line". That's from grade school, but I don't know how else to describe it.

What's the matter with people that they are in such a rush? I was recently at Walgreen Drugstore purchasing some items for my dad's return home from the hospital, so it was an already stressful day. The store was hot. The line was long. I was tired. There was a woman in front of me with her arms full of diapers and baby formula. When the new cashier opened up and announced "next in line" I went to help this gal over with her stuff. Low and behold a young woman slipped in front of us and put her things right on the counter "cutting in line". Not being my usual nice self, I moved them back and put the women's items down who really was next in line. It turned a bit ugly. I told the woman she was "cutting in line" -- and everyone behind us chimed in with agreement. She asked me: "What are you going to do about it?" I was not very polite to her, and she stormed out of the store. Everyone in line clapped.

I noticed this past weekend the "cutting" happened twice again. Blatantly! I said something to the 60-something woman who totally ignored this at the office supply store, and she was quite embarrassed. She did actually apologize.

What has happened to manners?

Sheri says:

Manners have gone the way of the economy – rapidly downhill. If it is stress, there is no excuse. We are all stressed.

People are cutting other things besides cutting in line. They’re cutting corners. Some of us are cutting ties. Others are cutting their losses.

I’m all for people making necessary changes to fit life’s circumstances but there’s no need to inflict undue misery on others.