Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fat and Sassy in NYC

Abby says:
New York is my absolute favorite city to visit. Luckily since I go to school out there, I visit often. I travel every year in April to a conference and always meet interesting people, collect interesting tidbits of information and have interesting things happen to me. This year was no exception. I will say, Sheri and I typically travel this one together, so I missed her being along this time around.

I never take "sensible" shoes. I actually don't own any sensible shoes. Therefore, when I arrived at the airport yesterday to fly home, I could barely walk due to the huge blisters and black and blue bruising on the bottoms of my feet -- from walking around Manhattan in high heels. We're talking blocks and blocks of walking for 4 days. I have attempted to become familiar with the subway system, and even purchase a Metro Card when I visit. But, unfortunately when you get on the wrong subway line, you get lost and end up walking anyway. Somehow I accidentally trained from the upper east side to the upper west side instead of returning to my hotel and ended up walking about 35 blocks. Ouch!

Oh well. It was definitely worth it.

On my last evening there I decided to dine at one of my favorite haunts several blocks from my hotel. When I limped in, sat at the bar and opened my menu, to my dismay all the dishes were listed with their individual calorie counts. How depressing! I asked the bartender what that was about. He said it was a New York law for chain restaurants. Yikes.

So, after eating my Caesar salad (approx 860 calories) and my crabcake appetizer (approx 700 calories), a few pieces of bread and a glass of wine (calorie content not disclosed), he slid a dessert menu in front of me. Of course, the calorie count for the coconut cream pie I ordered (along with the other deserts) were not listed!

After consuming all this food (last year Sheri and I split one dinner and it was plenty!) I waddled out, past the limping stage, and hoofed it back to my hotel. Even with my aching feet, it was a great trip.

Sheri adds:
Once I get over my mind-consuming jealousy of your trip without me, I will be fine. As for the food, I believe dieting is not necessary in Manhattan. You are guaranteed to walk off any extra calories.

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