Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Right to Bare Arms

Sheri says:
This little twist of phrase was used recently by President Obama in reference to the over-the-top attention to his wife’s frequent preference for going sleeveless. She’s done it for magazine photo shoots, state dinners – even in her official White House portrait.

I say, “Hooray Michelle!”

Many of us grew up hearing things like, “Women over 30 shouldn’t have long hair.” Or, “Bare arms are inappropriate for women of a certain age.”

I respectfully disagree. I still have long hair and I often have bare arms. I think the reason for the bare arm rule was none of those people worked out. Women whose arms resemble Dumbo’s ears should not go sleeveless.

Some women have arms I covet. Kelly Ripa comes to mind. So does Samantha Harris.

I’ll probably spend the rest of my life trying to camouflage my thighs and suck in my stomach. But as long as I keep a standing date with my free weights, I will bare arms.

Abby says:
I agree with Sheri. Rules are made to be broken. I break rules all the time. Like Sheri, I now have long hair. I love it, and if people think I'm too old, oh well! And, I bare my arms all year long because I bust my tush at the gym lifting weights. Why not?

In my opinion, the rule about no sleeveless in the winter time went out the window with the invention of the personal trainer. Old fashioned I am not.

Go girl power!