Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things We Miss About Our Youth

Abby says:
Every year when summer rolls around, I reflect on what I miss about my youth. Here are my top 10.
1) Looking forward to summer vacation. Ahh...that smell of summer in the air. There was nothing better.

2) My summer job as a lifeguard every year. Cute lifeguard boys, bright sun, blue sky, suntan oil and fresh air for 3 months.

3) Making prank phone calls. This was one of my favorites. We made lame calls like: "Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it." This continues to be one of my favorite pasttimes with my mom. Even with caller ID I can still occasionally trick her.

4) Snow days! Back then we didn't have to make them up.

5) Red, white and blue popsickles (then called "bomb pops") from the ice cream truck man.

6) Having endless amounts of energy and never being tired.

7) Having not a care in the world.

8) Piling 8 of us into a car and catching a drive-in movie.

9) The feeling of naive freedom.

10) The butterflies you get with young love.

Sheri says:
It does seem as time is passing even more quickly than before. I miss:

1) Running with the neighborhood kids, playing all kinds of games, and no one had to worry about us. Well, except for the occasional skinned knee or broken arm.

2) The teenage years of piling in a car and no one had invented cell phones. Pure freedom!

3) Getting a great report card.

4) Picnics and gatherings where the adults did all the work. We children just had to show up and have a good time.

5) Putting on a swimsuit without thinking about what my body looked like in it.

6) The giddy anticipation on Christmas Eve or the night before my birthday.

7) Being able to read fine print.

8) The satisfaction of earning money and having no bills.

9) Playing 45s and then albums on the turntable.

10) Believing I could do anything.

Abby says:
Don't forget about those 8-track tapes. We thought technology had finally arrived. Little did we know!

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Anonymous said...

Too many labels and, your commentary on exteme youth is post commentary on wastefulness of I pointed out.