Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The King of Pop

Abby says:
I could not let today pass without writing something about Michael Jackson. I told myself I was not going to get caught up in it, but here I am. I set my VCR when I left home and have had CNN running non-stop at the office, glued to watching the throngs of fans and media vultures as the Jackson family makes their way from the cemetery to Staples Center for the big tribute.

I loved his music. It shaped much of my childhood, then my young adulthood. I remember when the "Off the Wall" album (yes, "album" -- I'm old!) came out. Then "Thriller". Then "Bad". They were all great. We'd play them over and over, dancing until the wee hours of the night. The dance clubs played them until we thought we'd drop. I used all his music when I taught my aerobics classes back in the 80's. I still continue to play some of my old favorites when I teach my Spin class.

There was nothing better than songs by the King of Pop.

What a sad and tragic ending to what seemed to be the tormented life of a gifted and talented person.

Sheri says:
I must admit to getting a little tired of the media attention since Michael's death. Come on! It's not like he was a head of state or anything. And so much of his adult life has been filled with creepy accusations and innuendos.

But a funny thing happened while I watched glimpses of the endless coverage -- I was shocked at how present he had been in so many parts of my life.

One of my first 45s was of The Jackson Five.I loved so much of his music and like Abby, it's almost been a soundtrack to my life.So of course, I watched the funeral. And I was touched once again by his music and his legacy. If you had asked me two weeks ago if I was a Michael Jackson fan, I probably would've shrugged and said, "He's ok. I like some of his music." Turns out, I'm a much bigger fan than I thought.

Abby says:
Me too. Not only did I watch the live telecast of the service, while I worked, I watched it on Larry King all night long. I did not realize how many people he touched all over the world.

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