Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a Good Day When...

This past year with my father being so ill, I have learned to view life quite differently. While it was truly the roughest year I can remember (and certainly my dad's), it was not even close to being as rough as what other people in this world may have experienced.

I'm not a New Year's resolutions kind of girl. I'm hard enough on myself without them, and making a bunch of promises that will never come to fruition is pointless. It sets me up for failure (which I clearly don't need!).

So, I'm looking at life in 2010 differently every day with this in mind: It's a Good Day When...
* You actually wake up.
* You wake up and all your fingers, toes and limbs work properly.
* You're not a family member of the poor pedestrian who was killed in the Indy snow storm by two cars (one of them a hit and run) last week.
* You were not taken out by the idiot who ran the stoplight over the weekend. (Yes, it was such a close call that I had to pull my car over and take a deep breath. This would have been a terrible wreck, and I might not be here today had it happened.)
* You're not living on the streets.
* Your have shelter with working heat.
* You are able to have 3 meals each day.
* You can learn to take bad things and make something good out of them (i.e., lessons learned from my dad's experience have already benefited others).
* You have a close knit group of good friends -- no matter how small the group or where they reside.
* You have faith in some higher being -- no matter what it is or your religious preference.
* You are able to help someone -- no matter how small the deed.

Yes, I am back to the very basics and very thankful I have these simple things. Don't get me wrong. I still love "stuff" and love to have fun, but at the end of the day it's all so very insignificant.


Anonymous said...

I agree totally! :) I like the new hair too!

Jen S

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