Monday, January 25, 2010


Paybacks stink.

When I was really young and then into my college years, my friends and I loved to make prank phone calls. While we thought it was hilarious to disturb others or wake people up in the wee hours of the night (probably scaring them half to death), now it's time for the "what goes around comes around" theory to materialize.

We had some doozies. "Is your refrigerator running? Ha ha, then you better go catch it!" (personally I still think this is funny). Or, "Do you have Sir Arthur in a can? You better let him out!"

When I was a freshman in at IU, we won the NCAA basketball tournament. I was in hog heaven. Pandemonium and craziness on campus. Staying out all night whooping it up. We decided to play a joke on my parents. My friend called and disguised his voice and said that I was in terrible trouble and that they needed to come to the Bloomington police station right away. Uh, not funny! It almost turned on us when my mom actually believed him and started to cry!

At any rate, the tables have turned. Because of my dad's dementia, he does wacky things. Many times they are funny, and he and I can go back and laugh about them after the fact. But, he's taken to making prank phone calls. Lots of them. To me. Often times in the middle of the night when I am sound asleep -- obviously scaring me half to death.

Some of his best are that he is stuck at the fairgrounds and needs a ride home. (I am not sure he has ever been to the fairgrounds.) Or, he is standing at the corner of such and such and needs a ride. Or, so and so is plotting against him and he needs help. Or, can I go find mom.

Luckily I am able to laugh. Did this possibly come full circle due to my prankster antics as a youngster?

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Anonymous said...

Ans. Yes. And so, when the refrigrator was opened there was a rabbit in it. The Rabbit was asked what he was doing in there. He asked if the refrigrator was a Westinghouse. When told that it was he replied that he was "westing" apolgies to Elmer Fudd, IU grad.