Thursday, February 11, 2010


Have you ever stopped to think about all the ways we get germs?

No wonder there are so many viruses constantly circulating. I normally don't stop to think about this, but I recently ended up getting pretty sick after being on an airplane with lots of coughers, sneezers and sick kids wiping their noses on who only knows what (not to mention the gentleman across the aisle from me who took his shoes off. Isn't it bad etiquette to have smelly feet on a plane?).

No amount of Airborne I took could have killed all the nasty germs that were floating around the recirculated air in that plane. Eleven days later, I still have a raging sinus infection, and I'm officially a germy cougher. The good news is the doctor said I'm not contagious.

I thought about my typical day at the office and where I can get germs. It sort of stunned me to compile this list.
* Opening the front door to our office building (we have lots of sick kids rolling through the doctor's offices)
* Accepting the cup of coffee from the barista at Starbucks
* Touching the coffee creamer carafe at Starbucks
* Touching the menu at the coffee shop during lunch
* Touching the salt, pepper and ketchup bottles at the coffee shop during lunch
* Touching the door knobs to the various doors I walk through at my appointments
* Touching the handle of the shopping cart at the drug or grocery store
* Exchanging money with the cashier at the drug store or grocery
* Touching the workout equipment at the gym
* Touching the hot and cold water handles in a public restroom
* Touching the paper towel handle in a public restroom

The list goes on. I am pretty avid about taking vitamins and using the hand sanitizer (I keep it in my car), but short of wearing a mask and carrying disinfecting wipes around in public, it's nearly impossible to avoid icky germs. My sister swears by grapefruit seed oil and takes it religiously. I may try it.

The virus bit me this time.


Mindy said...

I also know that as most of us are under consideratble stress, when we do finally relax, that's when the nasties bite us.

sheri said...

I eat a grapefruit everyday and also keep sanitizer in my car. It's almost like voodoo -- I don't know if it helps or not.

Anonymous said...

You could consider a guest role on Monk, the television show....