Friday, February 19, 2010

Grrrrr Tiger

Abby says:

Today, Sheri Riley is joining me as a blogger guest -- she used to be the "other half" of Candid Girl Chat. We both worked together for a long time in marketing and media relations, so we have definite opinions of the Tiger Woods press conference. "Grrrr" is all I have to say. Yes, that is supposed to be a growl of disapproval.

I haven't walked in his shoes and had access to all the things money and fame will buy and tempt you with, so I won't judge his life and his activities. Everyone else has done a fine enough job of it. But, in my opinion, his press conference didn't seem sincere. I guess I was hoping for something less formally scripted and more from the heart. After all, he was supposedly talking to a room full of family and friends. It seemed that he was reading the whole time, so I give him a 2 out of 10. In my opinion, it was lame with a capital "L". The material was on track but didn't sound much like he meant it. So, maybe he has a good speech writer but bad advisers. Maybe he was nervous. Maybe he's a narcissist. Maybe this, maybe that.

I guess my big question is whether he "gets it" about what he's done -- and how he hurt so much more than just his golfing future. Is he forever tainted by money and fame, or can he make a sincere effort to turn his life around and think about someone other than himself?

I believe Sheri and Tiger might share some common geography...?? Her deceased in-laws lived in Hattiesburg, Mississippi -- where Tiger is supposedly undergoing therapy. I think two years ago Sheri traveled there twice in 6 months for in-law funerals. Prior to that, I had not heard of the town.

Let's bring up the sex addiction therapy issue. I am sure this is a legitimate illness/condition and I honestly mean no criticism. But, I've been around a lot of "cheaters", and the only people I've ever heard of with "sex addict" problems are pro athletes and Hollywooders. Hmm. It seems as though any time someone famous strays from a spouse, they end up going in for sex addiction therapy. I wonder what Drew have to say? Food for thought.

Sheri says:

I am sure (now more than ever) that Tiger is a control freak. Maybe during his stints in rehab for sexual addiction they can also address this feature of narcissistic behavior. The media stunt -- and let's be honest, it was not a press conference -- was a perfect example.

A well-polished and rehearsed statement, complete with woeful looks as carefully crafted as the language. A sad confession of bad behavior coupled with an almost defiant demand that the media leave his wife and children alone. Only a couple of wire service reporters were allowed in the room. Only two cameras were allowed in. And, Tiger took no questions. This was another example of using his power and position for HIS benefit, no one else's.

Elin wasn't there which didn't surprise me. His repeated statement that whatever truths that come out need to be between him and his wife rubbed me the wrong way. For someone who chose to gallivant with oodles of women, reminding us all of the sanctity of marriage and their right to privacy seemed ridiculous and out of place in an apology speech.

All in all, I think it was too little, too late. He's a cad. But he's a helluva golfer and ultimately, that will make or break his redemption story.

And sadly, it's also a fact of the breakdown of media. This was not breaking news. It was not news at all. It did not need to be covered live by all the networks and it certainly did not need to be the lead story on the local news. There were (and are) a lot of sad things about Tiger's apology and the "press conference." The fact that it commands such media attention may be the saddest part.


Anonymous said...

The only person he needs to apologize to is his wife. Then she needs to throw his cheating, narrsistic butt to the curb.

Pam Summers Lee said...

I totally agree with 'Anonymous'. His wife is the only one he needs to apologize to, and the rest will take whatever course it takes. It is what it is. He cheated with numerous women, which is totally wrong. If she chooses to forgive him and try again, then good for her. I have always said that I couldn't forgive or take a cheating spouse back no matter what. I have been told by numerous people that I wouldn't know what I would do unless it happened to me. Luckily I have a loving, caring, devoted spouse and haven't had to find out. However, I can honestly say that I just couldn't live with that person again as the trust would be totally gone, which is proof by those friends who have gone through this same thing. I guess I feel that if my spouse has the need for something else from someone else, then more power to both of them.

As for Tiger 'hurting his golfing future'....He hasn't hurt it at all. Once he gets back on the course and proves he can still play great golf, the general public will have moved on and cheer him on as they have in the past. His cheating obviously didn't hurt his game before all of this came out. No one will ever forget, but the distant memory of what he has done just won't matter anymore. This has been proven to be the case by numerous athletes & high profile people with their cheating pasts. Everyone moves on.

As for his lack of sincerity with his orchestrated apology, perhaps that is as sincere as he can get. Or perhaps he was afraid of totally breaking down. I don't blame him for not taking questions by the press. They tend to get into things whis is no one elses business....And yes, in my opinion, let them have their privacy so they can try to work things out.

Anonymous said...

He is back in the news.....