Monday, February 1, 2010

Mountain Climber

We returned from Zona yesterday and are back to the daily grind at the office. (Sigh.)

Our last day of the trip entailed a climb up the foothills of Black Mountain. For some of us, the adventure was shorter than for others. I made it maybe about 2 miles. I was not wearing the most sensible shoes for a climb, and the drop-off down the mountain looked a bit too steep for my somewhat fear of heights. I also did not want to impale myself on a giant cactus. Our friend Cynthia (new nickname "Mountain Girl") hiked a daring 5 miles. Here she is in all her glory shortly before I turned around and headed back to the ranch. You go girl! It was another great year at Camp Big Sal.


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sheri said...

I have no clue what these other comments are about. All I have to say is "go Cynthia!"

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