Monday, May 24, 2010

3 Finales Out With a Bang

When I get home from work, I am a total TV-aholic. Last week I was in heaven with all the season finales. But, to my dismay, some were just a bit too violent with all the stress going on in my life and the stresses of the current world.

I settled in for the two-hour Grays' Anatomy finale and watched in horror as minor then main characters were shot one-by-one by a crazy patient's husband. Just when you thought there would be no more shooting, someone else got hit. My phone was going crazy with all the texts from fellow Facebookers who were watching and aghast!

I then decided I'd try something a little more subdued the next night by watching the finale of One Tree Hill (yes, I know, get a life). Again, to my dismay, two main characters were shot in the very last scene, this time, by a young and crazy tennis player. Yikes!

That was it. No more stressful shows! I tread-milled over the weekend, and having either music in my ears or a good show on the tube is a must for me to sloth my way through 30 minutes of sweating. So, I thought I'd put in the taped Gossip Girl finale (yes, another reminder of my mindless attention span when not at the office). I mean, how violent could that be? Once again, I was stunned at the ending when a very central character was shot in the last scene. So stunned that I almost fell off my treadmill while it continued to move at a brisk pace.

Three finales out with violent bangs. Is that what the TV ratings war has come to?

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