Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parking Rage

Ok, I'm quite familiar with road rage. So, what if you're in or near your car, and someone gets "ragey" with you from their car, but they're actually parked inside their vehicle and not driving? Parking rage?

With the onset of Spring, I've had more energy in the morning and have been getting up and going to the gym at a very ungodly early hour. I love it. It's still mostly dark out. The birds are happily chirping. The air is crisp, and it smells clean. Sometimes you can see your breath. It's quiet and peaceful.

Fast forward 90 minutes. Recently one day I had finished my workout and felt unusually energized and happy. The sun is up, and it's going to be a beautiful day. Until I pull into the gas station that is. I find one empty slot for my car and barely fit it in -- because it's so crowded.

I look in my rear view mirror as I start to get out and notice the guy behind me in a double-long (not to be confused with double-wide) lawn service truck. He is flipping me the bird, jamming on his horn and making all kinds of gestures at me. This should be fun I thought to myself.

Hey, my day is good, so I'm not going to let this crazy guy get to me. I take a deep breath and slowly saunter out of my car and up to his window. Yes, I know. Not a good idea in today's world when people are openly toting guns and not afraid to shoot them.

He immediately starts yelling at me, shaking his fist and tells me he needs both gas pumps so he can fill both of his trucks. I cut him off, he claims. He demanded me to immediately move my car.

Calmly, in a soft voice, I told him that it's very impolite to scream at a woman. "It's bad manners," I say. That honked him off and made him yell even louder curse words. Wow, I could not believe this. The place was packed, and everyone was looking at him. I am surprised the Speedway attendant did not come out.

I asked him how his life could be so bad that he had to angrily scream at a woman at 7:00 am. Then, I told him if he'd asked nicely, I would have gladly moved my car. Instead, I went to the pump, swiped my credit card, and filled my tank -- while he waited.

Bad manners get you nowhere. I hope his day got better.


Anonymous said...

So, did you cut in line?

janis said...

I bet he will think twice before having bad manners to a woman again!