Friday, November 12, 2010

The Power of Facebook

I must say I have not been a huge fan of Facebook. I am sort of a Facebook "voyeur" -- because I almost never post anything to my wall, but I love what others are writing on theirs. It amazes what people will publish on the Internet about their personal (and other) lives. Sometimes it's completely TMI or downright inappropriate for sharing. Oh well.

When my dad died a few weeks ago, I broke my rules and posted his obituary to my wall. Many of his old friends and colleagues live out of state, so I hoped that by word-of-mouth, they would get the word from others or see it on Facebook for themselves. I had no other way of reaching them.

I had no idea how powerful this online tool would actually be.

I have received almost 100 cards via U.S. Mail with condolences about my father -- from my personal friends and others who saw the posting on Facebook. Some people, I barely know. I even had old grade school friends who came to his calling at the mortuary because they saw the obit I posted. Wow. That is powerful. I have officially changed my mind.

Facebook has also brought some unexpected happiness to my life at a time when it's desperately needed. We are having our 30th class reunion next weekend -- which I am so excited about. Some of my old cronies have started corresponding on Facebook, and a few of us got together for lunch today on a whim. It was such complete fun and would never have happened if we had not corresponded electronically. I had not seen these gals for at least 10 or more years.

Looking forward to the reunion. And you know I'll shoot pics and blog about it next Sunday when the festivities are over.

Thank you Facebook!