Friday, February 25, 2011

Babies, Bridal Showers and Cakes

Babies have a knack for breathing fresh, new life into families.

The evening my dad died, it was strange. For some odd reason, all of our family members landed at his bedside -- at the same time. My mom, sis, brother, niece and nephew and myself. It could not have worked out better if we planned it.

We knew the end was very near, though I thought he had probably one more day. Denial works in mysterious ways.

In the midst of our sadness and silence, my niece blurts out that she has an announcement. We all looked at her and wondered what it could possibly be. "I'm going to have a baby. I'm 12 weeks pregnant," she said. Stunned, our jaws all dropped to the ground. I don't even think my mom heard what she said. My dad was no longer coherent, but I know he heard her. It was shortly after that time that he died. I think he knew that something happy was going to make things better for us all and it was ok for him to pass on.

Ironically, while mourning a loss of life, we had new life to look forward to -- and the baby is due somewhere around our dad's and nephew's birthdays. Wouldn't that be something. The anticipation of a May baby has helped to keep our mom going. A new great-grand baby. She keeps the ultrasound pics by her bedside and looks at them often.

We are planning a baby shower for my nice, and I'm in charge of getting a baby cake. Scary that they would give me that task. It should be interesting. I'm not very good with these things. With no kids of my own, I live vicariously through my friends and family members who do. While I'd love to try to bake something on my own, disaster could result. The last cake I made didn't rise more than a couple of inches. I am fairly certain a trip to the bakery will soon be on my to do list.

I am so looking forward to the breath of new life for our family.


Anonymous said...

I know where you can bake a cake and drink at the same time....and if the first one doesn't work then we break a few more eggs and try, try again.

Anonymous said...

And, by the way, I should mention that it is now MAY. So, pick up the pace a bit and spill....