Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strange Behavior and the Weather

For as long as I can remember, we have never had a winter here in Indianapolis like this season. When I was in high school, there was the exciting blizzard of '78. Lots and lots of snow and snow days off from school. Back then, it was fun.

As a working adult, it's starting to annoy me when I cannot safely make it out of my driveway and to my office just a block away.

Today takes the cake so far. We had about a half inch of ice over night with another inch on the way this afternoon. Needless to say, I am trapped at home. Luckily for computers and networks, I can work from my kitchen, though, none of my clients are able to work today either. You know it's bad when doctor's offices and surgery centers close down.

I must say, this round of weather has brought out some strange behavior in both me and my right hand -- my dog Maggie. She whined all evening yesterday and demanded to go into her crate with the door shut. She usually only behaves like this during thunderstorms. When I awoke early to take her out this morning, she was terribly confused about where to go to the bathroom. There were no goof sniff spots! What is a girl to do? She just looked at me like I had the answer.

I have accomplished a great deal work wise due to the quiet, but I find myself taking breaks to putz around and do odd things like dust my shelves, vacuum, shovel ice, laundry and meal preparation. It must be a nesting thing where I am forced to look for comfort activities.

The weather folks on TV have the whole city atwitter. The electric companies are giving warnings about what to do if your electricity goes out for a long period of time. Am I prepped if the lights go out?

* Food: check (but it's mostly in my freezer, so I may be out of luck without the assistance of the microwave)
* Snow shovel: check (but the ice is too hard to make it worth the while)
* Ax: check (I did ax some driveway ice but it did not make a dent and made my arms hurt; Unbeknownst to me that I even owned an ax.)
* Ice Melt: check (but last I looked it was not melting anything other than the paint on my deck)
* Flashlight: check (but I think I forgot to get batteries)
* Wine: check (It was the most coveted and talked-about item in the drugstore checkout line last evening)
* Treadmill: check (I can run on it even if the belt cannot move without electricity)
* Cheese and crackers: check (though the crackers appear a bit stale from being in my cupboard for awhile)
* Binoculars: check (in case I need to see if tress passers are trying to climb my icy hill; Maggie will growl and hope they have treats or a bone.)

I guess we'll have to wait and see...

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