Monday, February 6, 2012

Don Draper and Eileen Worcester

What I am loving about having had the Super Bowl in town is that everyone was seeing celebrities. Starbucks next door to my office is all a-buzz over the "sightings". One of the rappers was in there last week. I saw him but did not realize who he was. One customer who was in yesterday said she and her daughter ran into Adam Sandler at a hole-in-the-wall downtown restaurant. He was very friendly and gracious to them.

One of the best stories came from a high school friend who is also my media rep at a local radio station, Eileen Worcester. She called and told me that she ran into and had her photo taken with "Don Draper" -- you know Dreamy Don from Mad Men.

What are the odds?

Eileen said not only was he a nice guy, he let her take a photo with him!

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