Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Inside" With George Clooney

I love James Lipton.

Being a graduate of PACE University in New York, I am especially fond of his show, "Inside the Actor's Studio" -- since it's part of PACE. I am an avid fan and never miss an episode that airs. I love to learn about actors, actresses and what makes them tick when they entertain us on the big screen. As PACE students, we always got the chance for tickets to the shows' tapings, but I missed it every time I was in NYC. Bummer!

As I sat by my fireplace last night surfing for something to watch on the tube, I noticed a 2-hour episode for this show. I was elated, and even more so when George Clooney appeared on my screen. I like his movies. He's a very talented actor. And, yes, he is gorgeous to look at. But, that's where it ended. I never understood why everyone continuously "oohed and awed" over him.

Now I get it. In addition to his acting capabilities, what really surprised me was his depth of talent for directing and producing. Quite impressive! I am more wowed by these accomplishments by than his looks (or his home in Lake Como).

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