Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Perfect Crime

The afternoon before Super Bowl, I was driving my mom around, and we decided to stop at Dunkin Donut's drive-through to get some coffee. I pulled up, and after waiting for about 7 minutes, no one came through on the loud speaker. I thought that was odd. So, I dialed them on my phone.

When the woman answered and I asked if their drive-through was not functioning, she said the store was closed because they had run out of product. Well I thought, Super Bowl traffic had done them in. But, this was very strange. Why would she not get on the speaker and tell me that rather than making us wait?

I thought nothing of this until I was driving home after visiting with my mom. Then it occurred to me: what if the store was being robbed and that is why no one came on the drive-through speaker to take my order? What if there were hostages? What if, what if? My mind was racing.

I pulled over and dialed them again. The same woman answered. I asked her, "are you open or closed today"? She repeated the same thing to me as before. I quietly asked her if she was ok. She sounded odd and said, "yes why do you ask"? I asked her if the store was being robbed and if she or her employees were in trouble.

She then laughed loudly and told me they were fine. She went on to explain that a large crowd had come in this particular day, and that they had nothing left. She thanked me very much for calling back and caring.

Ok, I think I watch too much CSI New York, Revenge and the like. To me, this would have been the perfect crime at the perfect time. I felt a bit silly but am glad I called just in case.


Niecydodd said...

That is amazing!!! That sounds so much like something my crazy mind would come up with. Good for you for clearing your concience (sp?) and calling back and checking!

Drew said...

Hi Abby, I found you blog through your email signature line! Good to meet with you today.

I am a big believer in following your intuition. Maybe they were not being robbed, but I think your actions had some effect on that woman that you may never realize or understand.