Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Halftime: What Was MIA Thinking?

Super Indy. Super Giants. Super Madonna. Super commercials. What a fantastic Super Bowl week!

So, what happened to MIA with her halftime "bird"? Is she so insecure that she had to pull a stupid, selfish stunt in front of millions of people to draw attention to herself? How sad. If I were the NFL, I would not pay her for her performance -- because of that on-purpose "wardrobe malfunction". Give me a break!

Well, if her goal was to draw attention to herself, it worked, however, she was not to outshine the rest of the festivities. And, she certainly did not outshine Madonna. I grew up listening to her music, and she never ceases to surprise. I thought the theme and the costuming were unbelievable (and tasteful). And, if Madonna fell backwards like people are saying? I am sure it was the tall, tall spiky boots -- not her age.

I am so proud to live and work in Indianapolis. The organizing committee and volunteers just did an amazing job! I worked for both the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and was on staff two years for the 1987 Pan American Game here in Indy. These events did not hold a candle to the excitement that was generated this week.

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